WHY Did I Do That?

The Real You, Soul, Psychic Being

You may call this by different words based on your background.  When you expereince a your child you can sense the true inner feelings that we come to panet earth with.  This is the pure joy, live, acceptance. 


Balancing the Inner and the Outer  Intellectual Out of Balance

IN the modern day world many people can look, too much, to the intellect. They have so many outer “facts and figures” they do not take the time to “notice” and follow their true inner nature.  The are running on many of the outer concepts that they have heard, or read about, been trained or sub consciously may have “picked up” over the years (if they were in a more out of balance intellectual environment). 

Out of Balnce in Feelings

Some people are out of balcne the other way. The have a great deal of felings and clear insights. They tend to know of a least have a “right-on” feeling of things.  Beciase theiur intelect is not as developed as theior ffelings, they sometimes can not make it practical in the outer world.  The do not have their own direction. So they tend not to be fulffiled in life becsie theyr are dong ore for othre sthen what they are her to do.

The Solution  - Solution 

Go into - What balance is about and how IPM Programs helps indicvidal sdo this int he comunityh programs

The Real You

Some people talk about the hiuman psyche, or the soul, energy, spirit of a human.  Whatever oyu cal is doe snot matter so much as realisx that this is you.

Rules and Society

Rules have always been a part of soicety going back to the earliest recoorded times of humans.  We can